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Hi, I am neeraj, now working as a software engineer.I am a B-tech graduate from Calicut university. In this blog i mostly deals with computer science stuff only. And also I believe in opensource politics. Most of my posts are my study notes. I think these posts will help me and of course you also. Thank you for your interest.. 🙂

Email: neerajsms[at]gmail[dot]com

Linkedin :


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Guilherme Zimah on said:

    Hi, i’m from Navegantes, Brazil. Nice blog. []’s

  2. @Guilherme Zimah : Thanks..

  3. Ayman Younes Elgendy on said:

    Hello Neeraj how are you?
    I checked your question about extracting character color using pdfbox on stackoverflow site(How to get font color using pdfbox) and really this is my problem now in my project, I want to ask you if you solved this problem please give me final solution and how did you solve it??
    wait your reply…

    from Egypt.

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